Forge Reply is a cutting-edge console, PC and mobile games development company, dedicated to creating new and incredible gaming experiences for clients and users both on B2C and B2B markets. We also provide development services, to create commercially successful games.



Forge Reply works in the games industry since its start-up. The latest games developed by the studio are Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, a game based on the classic gamebooks from the 80s that bore the same name, available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac, and In Space We Brawl, a frantic twin stick shooter focused on local multiplayer fun, available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Right now Forge Reply is working on an exciting, yet unannounced, new project.


With the increasing importance of the gamification, the market demands more complex and various designs. The people at Forge delivers to the market exactly what the market itself asks and what our clients need. Gathering the most talented professionals is the key to assure our clients the best offer to promote their products in the best possible way. We’re a passionate team dedicated to excellence.


  • 2D Art // Concept Art, Cover Artwork, Storyboard Creation, UI design and creation
  • 3D Art // Game Ready real time models, Characters, Vehicles, In & Outdoor environments, Prototypes
  • Animation // Traditional 3D animation, Motion Capture, Production ready rig
  • Cinematics // FMV Production from sketches to final post, HD 3D assets for PR and print
  • Texturing // All sorts of common texture type, 3D texture painting
  • Consultancy on Development // External Art Direction, Game Design, Management of external teams
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